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a-SERV Continuous Availability and Disaster Recovery

Is your data secure?  Could your email and lines of business survive a disaster? Can you afford to wonder?

Any seasoned computer technician will tell you, there are two types of hard drives - those that have failed and those that will fail.  The only question is when.  With a-SERV's Backup & Disaster Recovery, you can sleep well at night knowing all of your data is continuously archived, redundant, and ready to restore at a moment's notice, even after a major disaster.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of your Data

Your Company's Data is one of it's most Valuable Assets

Over 80% of organizations don't have a reliable backup solution.  That means 80% of all organizations aren't protecting one of their most valuable assets - their data.  Think about it, your company's data is the culmination of your entire staff's work over the years.  The cost of restoring data on a malfunctioning hard drive is astronomical and never guaranteed (hey, when it's broke, it's broke!).  We've all heard the horror stories; but ask yourself, how secure are your backups?

Regardless of your type of business, your data is vital. You have invaluable, irreplaceable information that you need access to at any given moment; information that is constantly being changed and updated.

Not just backup... this is Disaster Recovery

Sleep well at night knowing your data is ALWAYS safe.

With a constantly evolving landscape of solutions available, having professionals who know which options are best for your business is reassuring.  A3's expert staff will work with your team to evaluate the right solution that fits your business objectives and will grow along with your business.  From virtualization to high availability (HA) to fault tolerance (FT) to distributed resource scheduling (DRS), we will work with your staff to develop, design, implement and test the best CA/DR solution that will best serve your business and its constituents. 

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