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Star service outshines stressful situations

"I was so pleased with how hard Brannon Miller worked to make sure we got as much information as we could during our stressful project. He was extremely personable and professional. Also, I’d like to comment on the installation team—Clarence Lewis and Ryan Davis. Very nice gentleman and super helpful in explaining things. Brannon and team went above and beyond during this stressful time."

Lori Pate ( North Central Middle School | Assistant Principal )

A3's on-site service is unsurpassed

“A3 Communications assisted us by uninstalling PTZ cameras and microphones from 1233 Washington Street and reinstalling equipment at our new location on 1400 Pickens Street. 


I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the team that completed this work. Cameron Mays and Steven Griggs did a fabulous job. They arrived on time, were courteous and worked well together as a team. I was impressed with how they navigated obstacles and maintained a positive attitude throughout. We had specific instruction on the wall placement for the reinstallation and they followed our specifications to the letter. They did everything possible to remove our equipment and reinstalled it prior to the deadline we were up against. Cameron and Steven did such an excellent job, I could not pass up the chance to recognize their efforts!”

Donita White ( University of South Carolina Parenting & Family Research Center | Assessment Coordinator & Operations Manager )

Thanks for keeping us in the know

“Although we still have more of the installation and testing to complete, I did want to take a few minutes to thank your crew. John Dyches and Lewis Fields have been a pleasure to work with, their professionalism and attention to detail has left a favorable impression of A3 Communications with our staff. John’s ability to oversee the installations with as little as possible interruption to our staff and day to day operations is greatly appreciated. Their last visit this past week, John walked the site locations where work was done showing us what still needed to be completed/repaired and keeping us in the know!"

Jeff Player ( South Carolina State Housing Authority | Information Technology )

Amazing support from A3

"Your team is rocking it. I appreciate the amazing support!"

Jared Weese ( VTI Security | Client Services Manager )

Great security install

"Thank you for all your work. The project turned out great."

Courtney Dennis ( Irmo Police Department | Captain )

Smooth sailing service

"We sincerely appreciate all of the assistance you have given us with this project. Everything went so smooth and we appreciate all of the effort to make that happen! We look forward to working with Brendan and A3 in the future!"

Martha R. Stephenson ( South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce | Assistant Executive Director )

Kudos to great customer service

"Thank you so much for making this happen so fast. Harry [Ratliff] was excellent, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He had us up and running once he received the correct NETVR key code. Kudos to your customer service!"

Eric Novoa ( South Carolina Department of Education | Records Analyst )

Stellar security service

"I wanted to relay our appreciation for all the technical assistance your security engineer, Geoffrey Inks, has provided us over the last couple of weeks. He is very focused and very technically skilled. He has been a tremendous help getting several technical issues resolved." 

Steven Young ( Blue Ridge Community College | CIO )

Hard work, commitment and support

 “I would like to take some time to thank you for all the support provided and for working overnights last week. We truly appreciate the support and commitment to our team.”


Sergio Delgado ( Flex | Senior Manager, Brand Protection & Security )

Techs with great technical and communication skills

 "Field Technician, Chris Cato, did an outstanding job completing all job tasks and communicated well with me every step of the way. He was very, very polite and personable throughout the complete installation process. He thought creatively about how to troubleshoot problems and tested functionality thoroughly to determine fault without a doubt. He should be commended for his work. It’s hard to find a technician with both great technical and communication skills."


Tim Carder ( MPW Industrial Services | Systems Engineer )

Absolute pleasure to work

“I just want to say that the team assigned to Walton High School were an absolute pleasure to work with and carried themselves with the utmost level of professionalism. Please thank them for a job well done!”

Hector Arocho ( Cobb County School District | Senior Systems Engineer )

A3 goes above and beyond

"I would like to take this opportunity to personally and professionally recommend A3 Communications as an outstanding business partner to Denny’s. A3 installed the high tech video equipment and cameras at the Corporate Office in Spartanburg, SC, as well as many additional units across the country at a price point that was better than the competition. The team at A3 has proactively assisted our facilities team with custom engineered plans for installations and has assisted with resources to overcome problems encountered in the field with exceptional customer service. A3 goes above and beyond to ensure that installations are accurately completed on time, with satisfaction guaranteed. You will have no regrets dealing with the A3 and their professional staff for your custom, surveillance needs."

Laura Metrick ( Denny's | Senior Manager, Asset Protection )

Amazed at how much has been accomplished

"Lawrence Futrell is incredible and I immediately knew we were in good hands with his leadership. He's very professional and a natural leader. I'm already amazed at how much has been accomplished after one day. There has also been great communication. The whole team is doing a great job. As long as I'm here and I have anything to do with it, we're working with A3. I appreciate the relationship we've built and I feel very good about phase two of this project. I know it's early, but I wanted to sing his praises. I know we're in good hands. Thanks for everything."

Jeremy Fisher ( Harnett County Schools | Wireless Network Specialist )

A3's customer service impresses me most

“I think the thing that impresses me the most is A3 Communications’ customer service. Our Account Manager, Scott Rives, is very responsive to all my requests and answers all of my questions very quickly. Great service is 80 percent of the battle for any company and we don’t have to worry about that with A3.”

Eric Davis ( Riverbanks Zoo | Systems Administrator )

The museums are more secure than ever now

“We are very happy with our new S2 access control system and alarm panel installation and training. The museums are more secure than ever now thanks to the A3 Communications team.”

William Forrester ( Telfair Museums | Director of Operations )

Very, very pleased with the installation

“Kudos to Devin. He is a tremendous asset to your organization! I enjoyed working with him. Overall, I am very, very pleased with the installation and initialization of our new system.”

Tammy T. Smith ( Allendale County Hospital | Information Services Coordinator )

I don’t think we could ask for anyone better to work with!

“Thank you, James; you are always so great to work with. We are so glad you won our RFP. I don’t think we could ask for anyone better to work with!”

La Sonja Holcomb ( Floyd County Government | MIS Director )

Devin has far exceeded our expectations for customer service

"Given that we base our success on our customer support, I have really high expectations in this area. It is rare that I compliment to this degree, but Devin really is a gem. Devin has far exceeded our expectations for customer service. He has been professional and responsive regardless of the hour that I have had to reach out to him. He never tried to brush me off or told me to enter a help ticket, even though he probably should have for the amount of questions I asked. Please pass on my appreciation for the work he has done and the patience he has had with us."

Stacy Rodabaugh ( Diesel Laptops | ‎IT Specialist )

I am most satisfied with A3's responsiveness

“A3 Communications is helping to develop and build the foundation for a district-wide enterprise access control and surveillance system. I am most satisfied with their responsiveness to issues and the fact that I can always get in touch with them to discuss these issues. I can’t recall ever having problems getting them on the phone. In fact, I can’t recall a week that I didn’t have any correspondence with A3, even if it was just them checking on me to see how I am doing. I have been completely satisfied with A3’s work and services. We will continue to do business with them in the future.”

Eric Allen ( Wake County Public School System | Senior Project Manager of Facilities )

A representation of what customer service should be

“Working with A3 has been a representation of what customer service should be. It is too often that companies overlook the personal relationships involved when it comes to business. A3 is not one of these companies. Time and time again, A3 has proven that they understand my expectations and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure they are met. The reason I will continue to go back to A3 is because they not only understand the job that has to be done, they understand me, and that goes beyond professionalism; they make it personal.”

Dennis Dragotti Jr. ( Harnett County Schools | Network Specialist )

Thank you for all the time and effort

"Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into our DVR issue. I'd also like to comment on how Tim Smith was very personable and professional."

Kevin Daniel ( Spartanburg County School District 6 | IT Tech )

Thanks for your patience and willingness to help

"Although all the guys were professional, I'd like to commend Tim Smith for his attitude, knowledge and work ethic. I'd like to request him for any future needs at our district. Thanks for your patience with me and your willingness to help throughout this project.”

David Jameson ( Anderson School District Four | Technology Department )

Many thanks for your tremendous efforts

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the effort put forth by your team to get the systems up and running for our major audit today. Everyone on the team demonstrated a “get it done” mentality and the project came together in time for the audit. The entire team showed a relentless determination to ensure that everything that could be done was done in a timely manner, even though most of the team spent the entire day and night here yesterday, and into the morning. Again, many thanks for your tremendous efforts. I very much look forward to working with your team on other projects in the future. Great job!”

James Southerland ( Flextronics | Facilities Manager )

Excellent job

“A3 did an excellent job. If the rest of the contractors were this good, we’d have been done six weeks ago and under budget.”

Milledge Austin ( Owens Corning | IT Systems Support )

Always available to listen, answer questions and anticipate needs

“With an increasing amount of student materials moving online, having the right infrastructure to enable current and future possibilities for teaching and learning was imperative. We chose A3 Communications to help upgrade our wireless network because they are a full systems integrator, able to accomplish everything we needed. Their staff is always available to listen, answer questions and anticipate needs. Thanks to A3, we now have reliable high-speed Wi-Fi to use as part of our teaching and learning environment.”

Everette Teal ( Public Schools of Robeson County | Director of Technology )

Gone above and beyond for us

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Veterans Victory House appreciates your employee, Chris Cato. He has gone above and beyond for us, and we wanted to let you know how greatly that is valued here. As most places are, we are extremely 'team oriented'. It is not often that you come across someone who is so openly friendly and such an obvious team player. As a short background, we do not know much, if anything, about cameras or any of the software that goes with it. We were all a little nervous to have so much technology on our hands, all of a sudden. Chris came in and immediately introduced himself, and was extremely professional. He spent a lot of time...READ MORE...

Joey Cooper ( Veterans Victory House Nursing Home | Director of Human Resources )

Within a two month time period, A3 did 10 years of work

A3 Communications has been one of the easiest service providers to work with. We have worked on so many projects with A3, especially this summer. Within a two month time period, A3 did 10 years of work for our district. As soon as the migration project was complete, we immediately started another district-wide project to upgrade surveillance cameras and access control at the schools. Without A3, we couldn’t have done this work.

Brenda Counts ( District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties | Technology Department Secretary )

A true professional

I want to thank Chad Hendrix for solving our network issue today. He is an incredible individual and a true professional.

Desmond Harris ( McCormick County School District | Technology Coordinator )

Installation looks great

The physical security installation looks excellent. We had our walkthrough on that part this afternoon. Only one physical install issue was identified, and Ryan addressed it immediately. It was one inside camera too close to a fire extinguisher sign; we called and found out it had to be 18 inches away to not obstruct the view of the fire extinguisher sign. Ryan has already relocated that camera so we are in compliance. I’ve walked in unannounced throughout the project and always found your guys working diligently. School admin who were in and around the building for a good portion of the install have also commented to me on the level of professionalism observed during the install. Communication at every level has been great. The guys on site have been right on time consistently; when alternate timing needed to be arranged it was communicated timely and effectively. I will still be working with Darrin to finish out some system configuration and a few other things that are already in the works. Thank you guys for the quality work to this point; it is greatly appreciated.

Mike Miller ( Dalton Public Schools | Technology Support Specialist )

Smooth process

We enjoyed having your team on site. This process was very smooth and compared to other projects in other places I have been this was a piece of cake. I have several friends in other districts that used different vendors and had horror stories to tell. I was thrilled to be able to brag on your team and A3 for working so well with us. We look forward to the future.

Kacey Sensenich ( Rockingham County Schools | Executive Director of Media & Technology )

Over 1,600 Axis network cameras

Previously, cameras had only been installed in known “trouble spots.” We wanted a 100% covered campus to make sure nobody could walk onto the property without being noticed. Thanks to A3 Communications, there are over 1,600 Axis network cameras throughout the schools in the district.

Danny Barrett ( School District of Pickens County | Former Director of Operations )

I highly recommend A3

A3 Communications always does a great job of offering innovative solutions. I know that we can rely on them for all of our technology needs. Their local support and competitive pricing are hard to beat. I highly recommend this company.

Rob Whorton ( Southland Log Homes | Director of Marketing )

A3 has provided us with excellent support services

Our goal was to find a vendor that we could depend on for quick support with a large knowledge base of different products. We have a small technology department and need the expertise A3 technicians provide. We felt A3 offered a high quality of service at a cost efficient price. A3 has provided us with excellent support services. I can pick up the phone and call anytime to ask questions or for help.

Tina Leitzsey ( School District of Newberry County | Director of Technology )

Great experience working with A3

When other districts ask for surveillance advice, I always recommend them. Their engineers and technicians were very respectful working around different school schedules and gladly work nights and weekends, when needed. I really can’t compliment the expertise of the installers enough. We hope to use A3 again for some other upcoming renovations in our schools.

Jeff Burgess ( Coweta County School System | Technical Support Operations )

I could not be any happier

We are immensely grateful to A3 for working with us and providing such fantastic internet! I could not be any happier with how helpful and professional the A3 staff was last year and continues to be this year. I will forever praise A3 to anyone who asks me about IT solutions!

Jami Cassidy Boone ( South Carolina Association for Educational Technology | Executive Director )

Thank you for your hard work

Thank you for your hard work over the last few days. It was a pleasure having Brett out on site repairing the cameras. His professionalism, knowledge of the camera system, and customer service were outstanding.

Will McGinty ( District 5 of Lexington & Richland Counties | Assistant Principal of Dutch Fork High School )

An outstanding and professional job from start to finish

I want to take a moment to praise A3 Communications for their work on a recent project for McCormick County Schools. Chad Hendrix, Project Manager and Vice President of Engineering, provided an outstanding and professional job from start to finish. Thank you to all who were involved for your help, time and effort to get this project on track.

Desmond Harris ( McCormick County School District | Technology Coordinator )

You all are tech ninjas!

Thank you so much for your team's hard work. You all are tech ninjas!

Brenda Counts ( District 5 of Lexington & Richland Counties | Technology Department Secretary )

Completed the work quickly and professionally

Brannon completed the requested work and did an excellent job. He was able to work around my training and completed the work quickly and professionally.

Mike Mitcham ( AgFirst Farm Credit Bank | Assistant Vice President Bank Services )

Prompt service!

Thanks again for the prompt service!

Al Loftis ( Al's Upstairs Italian Restaurant | Owner )

Thank you for your time

Thank you for your time yesterday! It was a smooth move and your efforts are appreciated!

Teri Conner ( Scotsman Ice Systems | Applications Manager )

I appreciate all your training and patience

A3 has helped me tremendously with the questions I have had. Thank you. I truly appreciate all your training and patience with helping me learn the new global system.

Kesha Hunter ( Wake County Public School System | Facilities )

About as perfect as it could get!

Our facilities director had his electrician inspect the cabling job at J.C. Lynch and he was very complimentary of the job A3 did. He told me that was about as perfect as it could get. And the fact that there were no damaged ceiling tiles and the crew cleaned up the floors afterwards impressed him even more. Thanks for the great job!

Brian Huckabee ( Florence County School District Three | Director of Technology )

Enjoyed working with you

I have enjoyed working with Cameron and his crew.

David Gannt ( Legacy Charter School | Director of Technology )

Great installation!

The two gentlemen installing the systems were GREAT!

Mandy Wommack ( Madison County Schools | Ila Elementary School Principal )

Thank you again

Thank you again. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated.

Matt Williams ( Clemson University | IT Contracts Director )

Our Experience With A3 Has Been Nothing But Positive

I'm writing with regard to the installation and configuration of the data network in the newly expanded Charleston County Detention Center. Comprised of two Cisco 6500 series core chassis and three 4500 series floor switches, two wireless controllers and almost 100 wireless access points, this project has been one of the most ambitious network installations in our history. Given that network installations are typically handled in-house we were somewhat reluctant to contract out this work. However, our experience with A3 has been nothing but positive. Adam Arthur has been great to work with. The team was quick to grasp the operational constraints and security requirements of our detention center and in short order were making suggestions on how we could make improvements to our network design. In every case they were helpful and professional. As the technology project manager for the detention center expansion, with direct responsibility for five contractors and coordinating responsibility with numerous others, I learned early on that I could trust A3 to live up to their promises. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together in the future.

Jamey Swigert ( Charleston County Government | Telecom Manager )

We Highly Recommend A3 Communications

On a Saturday morning the complete phone system of First Palmetto Savings Bank was struck by lightning. A call was placed to A3 Communications, Inc. at noon the same day. Even though First Palmetto was not currently a customer, A3 was at our site within two hours with a technician in an attempt to repair our existing system. After three hours it was determined that the system was beyond repair. We began to survey and order a new system that Saturday. By Tuesday a new phone system had been installed and was operational. The technicians continued to fine-tune the system for three more days until was completely restored. The installation included employee training on the new system and several custom features including fiber optic connections between three buildings. Through the work of all of the staff of A3 Communications, First Palmetto was able to avert a potentially disruptive situation that could have lasted for weeks. We highly recommend A3 Communications, Inc., for anyone's communications needs.

Steve G. Williams, Jr. ( First Palmetto Savings Bank | Senior Vice President )

It's Always a Pleasure to Work With A3

There are so many projects and endeavourers we have accomplished together. Thank you so much for the kind cooperation, outstanding service and friendly advice that you consistently provide us. It is always a true pleasure to work with you.

Catherine Farah and Eric Richards ( Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission | Systems Coordinator of Information Technology )

Thanks to the A3 Team

As one of the guys on this boat since it sailed, you (and, by extension, your entire team) have been the primary drivers of our technology excellence. I wanted to share with you the report and to say “Thanks!” to the A3 team from those of us here at OGM that use technology!

Howard Blomberg ( Oliver Gospel Mission | Director of Operations and Expansion )

Our new phone system is inspiring!

Our new phone system that A3 recently installed is simply inspiring! Our teams’ efficiency and our valued customers are going to see the benefit as to why AVSX! We instantly saw an increase in productivity, efficiency and all-in-all, overall success in less than a couple of days. Thank you, A3, for helping satisfy the benefits of excellence that we strive so hard to achieve in all facets of our efforts!

Bobby Johnson ( AVSX Technologies | Owner )

A3 helped make our schools safer!

I appreciate the extra effort A3 Communications put into our large camera and access control project. By giving administrators access to their cameras over the intranet, we are increasing visual surveillance and in return, dramatically increasing security. Thank you for helping make our schools safer!

Michael Poole ( District 5 of Lexington and Richland Counties | Director of Security and Safety )

A3 knows what they’re doing!

A3 Communications knows what they’re doing! We have given complete trust to their team of certified engineers and haven’t been disappointed yet. I look forward to continuing our relationship with them for years to come.

Braden Stanis ( Bausch + Lomb | Senior Project Engineer )

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